Ceramic Celebrities

Craftsmanship and artworks from great masters Craftsmanship from great masters has no equal. Let’s see how a pair of dexterous hands can mold a round object with the most beautiful shape of pottery to amuse and delight us.

Besides conserving its early craftsmanship, Yingge Township adds more creativity in its development of the ceramic industry. With the help of the great masters, it is hoped that the artistic seed will sprout and blossom.


A million teachers

A million teachers

Production of hand-thrown pots started to catch on in 1983 from Yingge, and being native to the area, Master Awan has no equal in this sector.

Master Awan has been absorbed in the research and development ofhand-thrown pot techniques as early as the 1970s.

As the top local producer of hand-thrown pots, he has molded countless unique styles of pots.


Xu Chao-Zong

Xu Chao-Zong

Presenting subtleness in retro illustrations

Born in Yilan, Xu Chao-Zong began his engagement in ceramic art after his settlement at the Ceramic Old Street of Yingge, and Yingge became his second hometown.

By experiencing the prosperity, recession and recovery of Taiwan’s ceramic industry, his works witness three decades of Taiwan’s ceramic development. In addition to using the ancient technique in producing ceramic products and having good control on painting, he has recently even combined different crafts and metals with glazes and created his one-of-a-kind style with firing techniques including material selection, place deployment, annealing and uncoloring. He adds new creation to retro, which makes his works gorgeous without losing any elegance.